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You have no authority here Jackie Weaver, no authority at all!

Read the standing orders! READ THEM AND UNDERSTAND THEM!!

Of the many Zoom stories that have gone viral over the last year, one that caught the public attention more than most (yes, even more than talking cats) was the crazed chaos of the Handford Parish Council meeting. Despite the now iconic Jackie Weaver’s best efforts, the meeting spiralled wickedly out of control, with arguments, kick-outs and more. Aside from the smiles it produced, the meeting also provided a stark example of the dangers of this digital world we now live in and why now, more than ever, good facilitation matters.

Lockdown life isn’t easy and as so many of us face more lockdowns, it’s easy to lose motivation. So, to try and counter that and bring some positivity to the new year, we’ve put together a list design blogs, podcasts and more, that are helping inspire us during this difficult period. These explore a variety of topics, helping us understand the new normal, see life from new perspectives and get our creativity flowing. Have a read and please share with us any content that you’ve been relying on during this period.

Hear how creative people navigate life

Explore emerging trends

For our latest podcast, we look at the art of facilitation. Effective facilitation in the workplace has never been more important, as the world navigates the vast complexities of remote working. So we speak with two expert facilitators about their experiences as facilitators, exploring what makes a good facilitator, whilst also looking at our new Online Design Thinking and Advanced Online Facilitation courses in detail.

Meet the facilitators

In November we are launching our new online Service Blueprinting course. In order to share more about the course, we spoke to one of the coaches, Simon Gough, about service blueprints, how he uses them and why it’s so important for companies to adopt them.

So what will delegates learn on this new service blueprinting course?

What is a service blueprint exactly?

From Zoom calls that last forever to meeting action-points quickly forgotten, online meetings are proving a new and challenging experience for companies across the globe. So, we spoke to facilitators David Kester and Susana Osório, to come up with 5 important ways you can improve online meetings, to increase their effectiveness, efficiency and enjoyment.

For our next podcast we focussed on the research method critical to Design Thinking: ethnography. Here we explore what ethnography is and its history as a research method. We look at the benefits of ethnography to business and how it can still be conducted during the current lockdown.

Dr. Katie Gaddini
Dr. Katie Gaddini

Ethnography is about understanding a person, a set of individuals, a community, on a very deep level to…

Even during a pandemic, you still notice the small things that make you stop and smile for a moment. Small things like some of the brilliant visuals we’ve spotted, explaining how our behaviours can make a difference in relation to Covid-19. Yes, they can be simple, but it’s the clever thinking behind them and clarity of message that we love.

As we begin the new year, full of new ideas and ways in which Design Thinking will be used to innovate and transform, it also gives us a chance to look back and reflect. We have collated a list of our top Design Thinking blogs from last year.

Transforming sales with Design Thinking

Top Design Thinking Events in 2020

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Design Thinkers Academy London

We’re the UK arm of the Design Thinkers Academy. Using design thinking, we help embed new ways of approaching complex problems.

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